Obama ‘concerned’ over Trump rolling back entire legacy

Obama ‘concerned’ over Trump rolling back entire legacy

Grant J. Kidney, January 1, 2018-

Former President Barack Obama is reportedly very worried over Trump’s rollback of his entire legacy including health care, immigration and climate change reform.

Obama promised not to interfere in Trump’s presidency, but the reality of the matter is that the former occupant of the White House has been incessantly involved in stopping the MAGA agenda at any and all costs.

According to the Washington Times, Obama is now directly challenging President Trump on Obamacare and the Paris Climate Accord.

“What’s frustrating about watching current events really has to do with the people that we went into office to work for,” said Cecilia Munoz, a former top domestic policy advisor to Obama. “President Obama’s legacy was never really about himself, but he cares a lot about tens of millions of people having access to affordable health coverage. That’s the very hardest part. Knowing that 13 million people will lose their health coverage as a result of the tax bill is incredibly painful.”

Former President Obama is a sneaky, snarky globalist agent who wants America to fail.

Regarding health care, Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, which in some parts of the United States, forced premiums rise to over 400%. Trump’s tax bill largely repealed Obamacare however by putting a stop to the disastrous ‘individual mandate’ that was touted as an achievement by the former President.

Liberals praise Obamacare as though it was designed with the working man and woman’s best interests at heart. But nothing could be further from reality.

On the Paris Climate Accord, Trump famously asserted that he cares more for ‘Pittsburgh’, not ‘Paris’. Any studied look into what the Paris Climate Accord represented and it becomes abundantly clear that the deal was in fact a globalist measure by which to stifle American energy and strangle U.S. industry.

It is really quite sad that sneaky Barack Obama continues to operate clandestinely, meeting with world leaders behind Trump’s back and hoping to salvage what was truly a train wreck of a presidency, all in the name of protecting a precious ego that came to be so greatly detested by the American people, that they ultimately voted in the exact opposite to Obama in November of 2016.

Go away, Obama. No one likes you.

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