Origins of PizzaGate child abduction video revealed

Origins of PizzaGate child abduction video revealed

Grant J. Kidney, March 4, 2017-

Shocking new video has surfaced which may show a child being abducted from their home by ‘PizzaGate pedophiles’.

The footage, uploaded to a mysterious PizzaGate linked website just last month, shows an adult male dragging a kicking, screaming child who looks as though a garbage bag has been tied around their head.

The above clip is clearly disturbing, and it is this author’s opinion that the website to which the footage was originally uploaded should be immediately investigated by the FBI.

What is ‘WorldCorp Enterprises’?

The website in question, known ominously as ‘WorldCorp Enterprises’, hosts particularly graphic images and video, some of which could be linked to Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chair, John Podesta.

Not too long ago, yet another disturbing video was uploaded to the WorldCorp website which may have shown a young girl being brutally molested by a man who sounds exactly like John Podesta.

Podesta is a prominent figure in the PizzaGate ‘conspiracy’ due to thousands of suspicious hacked emails having been released which may prove that high profile Washington insiders are engaged in child trafficking.

There is yet no conclusive evidence linking either John Podesta, Hillary Clinton or others to the rape and murder of young children. However, much convincing speculation abounds which has seemingly been silenced in recent days by forces operating from within the so called ‘deep state’ establishment.

TV anchor Ben Swann, who’s PizzaGate segment on local news went viral across the web, has mysteriously deleted his entire online presence after possibly being threatened by insiders of Washington’s elite, pedophile cabal.

Swann isn’t the only personality within the PizzaGate nexus to have been erased from the web. Independent researcher David Seaman, who boasted a huge online following, has also went missing- and his entire social presence totally wiped from the face of the planet.

Seaman was recently targeted by BuzzFeed News before vanishing outright from the World Wide Web.

In the following podcast, I detail just how the vile perpetrators of the PizzaGate conspiracy may be brought to justice.

So far my life has yet to be threatened for my continued investigation into PizzaGate. However, my loyal fans, audience and subscribers will be the first to know if yours’ truly is ever faced with any clear and present danger.

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