Payback: liberals now calling David Hogg ‘sexist’

Payback: liberals now calling David Hogg ‘sexist’

Grant J. Kidney, August 23, 2018-

David Hogg is now universally reviled by both liberals and conservatives.

In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Magazine, Hogg labeled his democratic counterparts in government as ‘old’, and hence incapable of effective leadership.

Hogg specifically called out Nancy Pelosi for being way past a certain age that the Parkland school survivor believes to be suitable for a role in government.

But in a fun twist of fate, some liberals have since teamed up to brand Hogg a ‘sexist’ for his attacks on Nancy Pelosi.

Recently, David Hogg said that he would run for Congress when he turns 25.

The problem with Hogg in congress however is that since liberals have now turned on the once up-and-coming political star, who will be left to actually cast a ballot for this delusional idiot?

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