President Trump BLASTS the Deep State at Pensacola rally

President Trump BLASTS the Deep State at Pensacola rally

Grant J. Kidney, December 9, 2017-

During his rally in Pensacola, Florida, President Trump specifically called out the Deep State- or as some call the ‘New World Order’- highlighting the very real struggle against ‘very bad and evil people’ headquartered in Washington DC.

“Ive said it so often, that my job is not to be president of the world- my job is to be President of the United States of America,” the President stated. “Yet there are powerful forces in Washington trying to sabotage our movement. These are bad people. These are very, very bad and evil people”.

President Trump continued, “They know who they are. these are the people who made their money, their names, their careers, their power, off the corrupt and broken system. They will do anything, at any time, and they’ll never stop. But you know what? We’re stoping them.”

Virtually every globalist institution in the world has aligned itself against President Trump.

With the American economy in full on recovery mode, globalists are concerned that their hold on America is weakening by the day.

With President Trump in office, the blossoming and resurgence of nationalist fervor continues. However, the President must tread carefully, as there is surely a bright red, globalist target pointed directly on his back.

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