President Trump calls Bannon, ‘Sloppy Steve’

President Trump calls Bannon, ‘Sloppy Steve’

Grant J. Kidney, January 5, 2018-

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon is learning that he should never have crossed President Donald Trump.

This week, news broke of how Bannon offered several piercing statements to the author of a new book which attempts to unveil previously unknown ‘corruption’ in the Trump administration.

Bannon said that Donald Trump Jr. engaged in ‘treason’ and that Mueller would ‘crack’ the President’s son ‘like an egg’.

President Trump quickly fired back with an official statement regarding Bannon’s comments as well as a ‘cease and desist’ letter reminding Bannon of a supposed non disclosure agreement signed at the onset of his tenure in the administration.

Today, President Trump turned up the high heat in his war with Bannon, casting a new nickname for his former chief strategist: ‘Sloppy Steve’.

Earlier this week, Bannon said that he still supports Trump despite his ongoing feud with the President.

On Twitter however, it is abundantly clear who conservatives ultimately stick up for and support.

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