President Trump is defeating the religion of Allah

President Trump is defeating the religion of Allah

Grant J. Kidney, January 30, 2017-

President Trump has accomplished so much during his first week in office. But among his greatest of achievements is the so called ‘Muslim ban’ which halts the flow of refugees from various dangerous regions around the world.

Let’s face it. Islam is the religious equivalent to genital warts. It is a true cancer to this planet and every sensible person and their grandmother knows it.

As President, Trump can’t outright admit that his travel ban is an anti-Islamic measure taken to safeguard the citizens of the United States from the radical religion of Allah. The subtext of all that Trump has done seems to indicate however that his intention really is to roll-back the Jihadi take-over of Western civilization.

Case in point- Trump has vowed to give Christian refugees priority over Muslims from the very same region. There are other hints as well such as Trump’s own statements made during the campaign which seriously suggest that the President of the United States is working double-time to force the cancer of Islam back into the hole out of which it crawled.

I discuss these points and more in the latest edition of my podcast, The Grant J. Kidney Show. Along with co-host James Brower, the point is made that Islam has yet to be reformed such as Judaism or Christianity have been. Because of this, halting refugees from various Muslim regions around the globe is a very good idea considering all the terror that has been perpetrated across the Western world by adherents to the so called ‘religion of peace’.

This isn’t about hate for individual people who just so happen to be Muslim- this is about hate for a radical ideology which has spread nothing but evil and death across the globe. 


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