President Trump’s ‘deportation force’ is REALLY HAPPENING

President Trump’s ‘deportation force’ is REALLY HAPPENING

Grant J. Kidney, January 29, 2017-

President Trump is reviving a program which deputizes local police in efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

Trump’s proposed revival of said program came amid executive actions to build a U.S./Mexican border wall and to halt Islamic immigration from several Mid-East nations.

Ironically, the President’s deputizing of police is a practice which began under the Barack Obama administration.

In 2009, over 60 police departments across the United States were granted special authority to aid in rounding up criminal, illegal aliens. After numerous cries from various special interest groups however, the Obama administration effectively ended said program.

Donald Trump is moving with an unprecedented swiftness in the resurrection of American strength and ideals.

The President’s first week in office was an historic run the likes of which no modern politician has ever achieved.

Trump’s crack down on illegal immigration is being met with much resistance from scores of brainwashed denizens who’ve been taught all their life that borders, language and culture are meaningless precepts.

What is most interesting however is that much of what Donald Trump is accomplishing now- such as the building of a southern border wall- was actually once proposed by none other than former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Trump is merely reviving and enforcing laws that were already on the books but have been neglected due to weak leadership over the course of the last decades.

No matter what the President does however, he will be called a ‘Nazi’, a ‘fascist’ and a ‘mad man’ every step of the way.

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