Prince Charles: humans should not become robots

Prince Charles: humans should not become robots

Grant J. Kidney, September 7, 2018-

Prince Charles doesn’t want you to become a robot.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the Prince of Wales says that he ‘utterly objects’ to the notion of mankind someday merging with machines.

“The thing I find hardest now is to cope with this extraordinary trend that somehow we must become part human, part machine, which I totally and utterly object to.

“It is crazy to go that far because I think, ironically, the more AI and robotics they want to introduce, the more people will rediscover the importance of the traditional crafts, the directly human things that are crafted by humans and not by machines.”

Charles joins a chorus of many influential voices who warn of the dangers correlated to the rise in artificial intelligence.

Across the world, almost every industry has been bombarded by machine intelligence and sophisticated workplace automation.

There is even a projected rise in the controversial sex-robot industry which plays to fantasies of total domination of subservient, bedroom slaves.

In Saudi Arabia, a robot named ‘Sophia’ has even been granted citizenship.

Here’s footage of a life-like robot soldier performing mind-blowing feats that would not be possible only a few short years ago.

The irony of Prince Charles warning of the perils of a future, technocratic dystopia is mind numbing.

Britain’s royal family is no doubt part of the sinister ‘global elite’ who seek to usher in a tyrannical world government controlled by advanced AI.

Perhaps the idea is that Charles is pretending to care about a fate that will largely have no effect on himself or his family in efforts to appear ‘concerned’ regarding the future of humanity.

I wonder if Charles thinks ‘resistance is futile’?

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