Project Veritas: Twitter actively sabotaging Trump’s account

Project Veritas: Twitter actively sabotaging Trump’s account

Grant J. Kidney, January 10, 2018-

Project Veritas has done it again- this time busting wide open a secret plan on part of Twitter to sabotage President Trump’s official account, @RealDonaldTrump.

Stunning undercover video shows a Twitter Senior Network Engineer boasting of the company’s ability to pry into anyone’s direct messages- even deleted messages- as well as other far reaching capabilities that will sound many alarms with civil libertarians and privacy experts alike.

Project Veritas uploaded the following clip today wherein it is admitted that a ‘behind the scenes’ plan exists at Twitter to turn over Donald Trump’s private messages to the Department of Justice as part of the ongoing Mueller investigation into supposed Trump, Russia ‘collusion’.

Clay Haynes, the Senior Network engineer featured in Project Veritas’ explosive new undercover footage, has been with Twitter since September of 2016.  Haynes, a self professed Trump hater, believes the President to be a ‘dangerous’ and ‘terrible human being’. Haynes says that Twitter is ‘more than happy to help the DOJ with their little investigation’ of the President.

Haynes said of the President, ‘I want to get rid of him’ and that Twitter has held internal reviews about eliminating Donald Trump from the platform.

Twitter is infamous for banning conservative voices from their website without providing any such rationale other than a generic, ‘such and such user has violated our terms of service and has therefore been scrubbed from the platform ‘.

In 2017, a lone Twitter employee was found responsible for having shut down President Trump’s account for a mere 11 minutes before being swiftly restored by the company. But does Twitter possess a broader plan to remove Donald Trump from their network outright?

Many leading voices in the free speech movement have called for Twitter and other social media giants to become regulated by the government as though public utilities. The advantage of turning social media companies into utilities is that First Amendment protections could become universally applied to websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The broad implications of proven Twitter bias against Donald Trump is sure to garner a harsh response from the President of the United States himself. Thus far, Trump has yet to comment on the developing situation.

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