Racist black Twitter users demand reparations for slavery

Racist black Twitter users demand reparations for slavery

Grant J. Kidney, March 15, 2017-

The year is 2017. We’ve had a black President for eight whole years and are now witnessing an overtaking of the White majority population by virtually all shades of darker pigmented peoples.

Yet despite years of forced racial ‘equality’, affirmative action, welfare and public housing programs, a decent percentage of brainwashed blacks are still demanding reparations for what happened to them with slavery hundreds of years ago.

There’s actually a website called ‘reparations.me’ which allows for needy black citizens to demand of guilty, White liberals to hand over all manner of free goods in exchange for nothing at all. The sheer audacity of this website is mind-boggling to say the least.

My ancestors weren’t even in the United States at the time of slavery yet there remains an abundance of racist black people in the country who believe that I owe them a living all simply due to the color of my skin.

Approximately 600,000 white men died freeing the slaves back during America’s Civil War. I guess our sacrifice wasn’t good enough. I guess our gifting of the black population with high technology that their home continent of Africa is still without wasn’t enriching enough.

The following reparation-themed tweets illustrate perfectly just how unbelievable it is the way some people express themselves on social media.

Truly our country is in need of an education revolution.

‘White knight’ to the rescue…

She wants chicken and reparations. Yes. Seriously. 

He thinks the majority of White people are rich when in reality, the average White family struggles day in and out to pay their rent, mortgage and bills. Also, the majority of food stamp recipients are WHITE. 

This black dunce wants ‘fellow traveller’ socialist Whites like Bernie Sanders to push for the doling out of MORE free money to anyone with black skin. 

Dumb fool says Whites created a system which ‘disadvantages’ minorities. I guess Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, other black musicians, movie stars and athletes are excluded from this air-head’s line of reasoning. 

White people need to ‘do better’ according to this black, racist whack job. Because if we don’t, look out- he’ll be forced to ‘throw his hands’ (whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean). 

White people have ‘mayo dicks’, says the ‘disadvantaged’ minority who’s probably tweeting from a $600 iPhone. 

Here’s an attempt to sound virtuous and reasonable that falls completely flat midway through. 

This ‘POC’ (piece of crap) doesn’t want White people talking to her unless we’re dolling out MORE free money.  

Ingrate says ‘fuck America’, doesn’t feel honored to live in the wealthiest, freest country on Earth. All he wants is FREE money from the State. 

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