Dear readers, 

I have decided to take a permanent vacation from both politics and from social media. 

Over the years, I have spent an inordinate amount of time in the production of independent, political media.

In 2008, I launched ‘The Grant J. Kidney Revolution’. This was a part serious, part ‘troll’ platform from which I could communicate political thoughts and ideas. 

Just as musicians adopt ‘stage personas’ for themselves, so too had I worked to craft an online presence which represented a mix between comedians like Andrew Dice Clay, and radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh.  

As an admitted ‘shock jock’, my game was to utter politically incorrect sentiment through a wide spectrum of media, including blog posts, podcasts and video. Despite working very hard to make a name for myself in the world of politics, I knew at a base level that the business of incendiary, conservative commentary just wasn’t a sustainable effort in the long-run. 

We live in a very corrosive and polarizing time where one is forced to pick a ‘side’ in the political arena, and to duke it out with the other team until ‘ultimate victory’ is achieved. I admit to playing a noxious role in the battle between Left and Right in America. 

Because I had placed myself squarely in the middle of intense political debate, like clockwork, I was defamed by some Internet users, while supported by others. 

Throughout the length of my political pursuits, I had always used my real name, believing that I would forever be entrenched in the world of news commentary. In 2018, a search for ‘Grant J. Kidney’ yields many results ranging from online forums where I am ruthlessly attacked, to various news articles where some of my tweets were embedded for discussion purposes.

Anyone who dares make waves in the political world today should expect a divided opinion on one’s character and reputation.

At this stage in life, my goal is to pursue other hobbies and professional interests that aren’t nearly as toxic as politics. I’ve also chosen to delete all of my social media accounts, as I believe social media to be a progenitor of many of the problems we now face as a society.

The world is bigger than politics. The world is bigger than social media.

Thank you for your time. 

Grant J. Kidney


© 2018.