Radical Islam and why Democrats hate gays

Radical Islam and why Democrats hate gays

Grant J. Kidney, June 12, 2017-

Today marks the anniversary of the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando where fifty gay men and women were mowed down by a radical Jihadi Muslim who perceived gays as being less than dirt.

In the aftermath of the horrid attack, Democrats were completely careful so as not to blame Islam for what had occurred.

In the mind of liberal democrats, ‘Islamaphobia’ is worse than homophobia. Case in point, remember how the Pulse shooter’s dad had the nerve to show up at a Hillary Clinton rally immediately following the attack?

Throughout the Obama years, measures were taken to ensure that ‘Islam’ was not linked with terror in any such regard. Democrats had therefore emboldened folks like the Pulse nightclub shooter to go out and do what they had done.

But specifically on the topic of Muslim hate on the LGBT community, a poll was conducted in Great Britain which revealed that more than half of so called ‘moderate Muslims’ believed that homosexuality was punishable by death.

Majority of Muslins in the UK think gay people should be put to death.

We cannot allow another Pulse-like shooting to occur in our country. With waves of terror attacks currently gripping the continent of Europe, Western leaders must adopt the strictest of measures to keep Islam in check.

Personally, I would go as far as Nigel Farage and suggest that any Muslim on the terror watch list should be immediately interned in detention facilities.

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