Refuting Bill Nye’s ‘transgender’ talk

Refuting Bill Nye’s ‘transgender’ talk

Grant J. Kidney, April 26, 2017-

Bill Nye the science guy says gender is a ‘spectrum’ similar to that of a Kalaidoscope.

Nye, who once hosted a popular science show for children, says kids as early as three or four can consciously decide to switch genders if they feel ‘naturally’ inclined.

What Nye seems to neglect is that prior to 2012, the American Physciatric Association declared transgenderism as a mental disorder. It wasn’t until the ‘cultural revolution’ instituted by Barack Hussein Obama that society began to shift and the Western world forced to essentially worship transgenders as a type of ‘golden calf’.

Bill Nye is a slick propagandist working on behalf of the technocratic, pedophile elite. Nye, who isn’t even a real scientist, has decided to reject basic biology in favor of appeasing his globalist masters’ vision of a world wide, transgender/transhumanist utopia.

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