‘Replacing’ White people is cultural suicide

‘Replacing’ White people is cultural suicide

Grant J. Kidney, July 22, 2017-

Today I discovered a fantastic tweet which underscores the important role that White people play in modern day society.

The last sentence of the tweet, ‘only we can save ourselves’, should resound with every White person in the West.

We live at a time when Whites are being systemically erased from the face of the Earth. This heinous phenomenon must be recognized as a coordinated strike on Western civilization.

The global elite, who are true racists, want to outbreed White people so as to produce a world of black and brown skinned subjects that they maintain will be easier to rule over than a predominantly White society.

Mainstream media promotes race mixing as a way to eliminate White civilization.

Loving your people and defending the culture of your ancestors isn’t hateful. Outbreeding an entire race of people so as to produce a perceived docile majority of subservient non-Whites is ultimately ‘hateful’.

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