REPORT: Chris Matthews abuses, ‘batters’ employees

REPORT: Chris Matthews abuses, ‘batters’ employees

Grant J. Kidney, January 1, 2018-

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is in hot water again with a new report from the Daily Caller which documents how Matthews psychologically abuses subordinates.

Some female staffers have described their work with Matthews as having contracted ‘battered wive’s syndrome’.

From the Daily Caller

According to the two producers, whose combined time at the network nearly spans the existence of “Hardball,” Matthews frequently objectified his female guests and staffers, inappropriately commenting on their appearance and clothing. Matthews would allegedly use pet names like “cutie” and “sweetie pie” to refer to female guests and was constantly making uncouth and “boorish” remarks about women.

“He would eye down a woman who walked on set or comment on their features or what they were wearing,” one former producer said, explaining that it looked like Matthews was undressing the women with his eyes. “He would objectify them and interrupt them in a way that he would never do to his male guests. He has a very outdated view of women.”

The other producer likened his behavior to that of a “teenage boy,” alleging that Matthews would rate his female guests on a numerical scale, deciding which guest was the “hottest of the week,” and would talk about how “hot” various women in the office were, including herself.

In 1999, NBC news quietly paid off a female accuser of Matthew’s who alleged that the anti-Trump media personality made numerous inappropriate sexual advances.

Matthews has yet to be fired from his post. In other words, MSNBC endorses rape.

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