Right-wing t-shirt business shut down by leftists

Right-wing t-shirt business shut down by leftists

Grant J. Kidney, September 3, 2017-

The Grant J. Kidney online store, my exclusive, pro-America t-shirt business, has been banned by ‘Silicon-leftists’ who determined that the content of the merchandise being sold was too politically incorrect for their tastes.

Rather than print t-shirts and handle orders all on my own, I partnered with the company ‘Zazzle’ who would perform these very tasks on my behalf.

Over the course of less than a year, I uploaded many different conservative and pro-America designs to be printed onto t-shirts and other forms of merchandise that Zazzle would display and sell. Here are some of the items that were sold.

My online store thrived for a time, but when the now infamous events played out in Charlottesville between varying political groups, a ‘digital purge’ had ensued where conservatives and members of the alt-right actually had websites banned and financial services completely cut off by Silicon-leftists who represent the major tech firms of America.

Sadly, my own t-shirt business was targeted in the purge, and was ultimately scrubbed from the web as though it had never existed. To make matters worse, Zazzle even stated that they were withholding all earnings I had incurred.

Is this even legal?

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I now have to cut losses and seek out a new company to do business with that will sell my shirts without getting ‘offended’ over pro-Trump, pro-America slogans and designs.

Fortunately, as a result to the ongoing digital purge against members of the Right, many are seeking to build an ‘alt-tech’ movement which displaces corporate giants like Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

It won’t be long until an entirely new eco-system of alt-tech software AND hardware becomes a potent force to be reckoned with.

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