Robot sex slaves: a new American addiction

Robot sex slaves: a new American addiction

Grant J. Kidney, September 7, 2016-

Sometime in the very near future, we’ll all be having hot, wild sex with machines. At least this is what some experts have proposed.

Joel Snell, a robotics afficianado at Kirkwood College in Iowa warns that sex with robots could become as much of a pastime for Americans as drugs and alcohol are today.

“Robotic sex may become addictive. Sexbots would always be available and could never say no, so addictions would be easy to feed,” Snell told the Daily Star. “People will rearrange their lives to accommodate their addictions. Because they would be programmable, sexbots would meet each individual user’s needs.”

Matt McMullen, a creator of true-to-life sex dolls, is currently developing a sex robot that will use a form of advanced artificial intelligence in attempt to create a realistic sexual experience for consumers.

There is some benefit to the advent of advanced sex machines however despite what critics claim.

For men, the notion of having a pleasurable sexual experience with no strings attached is a highly alluring concept.

Also, being able to have the best possible sex 100% of the time would prove quite fulfilling and perhaps even ultimately serve as a form of deterrence for the many crimes in our society linked to repressed sexuality.

At a time when promiscuity drives the spread of many deadly diseases, robot sex would also benefit society in that wide-spread adoption could see a huge reduction in the number of sexually transmitted infections across the board.

The robot sex business is likely to become a huge industry in the United States and in other parts of the world. Its impact on our society will be unprecedented no doubt.

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