Schools refusing to hang Trump’s official portrait in classrooms and offices

Schools refusing to hang Trump’s official portrait in classrooms and offices

Grant J. Kidney, January 3, 2017-

A rising number of liberal students and educators are resisting the notion of hanging Donald Trump’s official Presidential portrait in their classrooms and offices.

Warren Blumenfeld, a writer at the liberal, ‘Good Men Project’, conducted a study involving numerous educational institutions who stressed that hanging Trump’s portrait would be the equivalent of ‘running a swastika up the flagpole’.

Some, though certainly not all, schools have routinely posted current presidents in their main offices, and in some cases in libraries, and at the discretion of teachers in their classrooms, however, because Trump’s rhetoric and behavior is often seen as xenophobic, misogynist, racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, and ableist, quite a number of members of the school community, including students in particular, who already feel socially marginalized in the current cultural and political climate, argue that they would find pictures of the new president triggering—both emotionally and physically.

But it isn’t just schools who’ve thought of or who’ve already slapped a ban on the image of the new President of the United States. Even the Fire Dept. of New York (FDNY) has instructed its personnel not to display any likeness of the President after a lash of ‘community outrage’, despite previously allowing and encouraging the display of past Presidents, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Liberal college kids are literally being hospitalized over Donald Trump’s win.

Blumenfeld’s article continues, documenting the sheer butthurt feelings that liberal college students felt in the wake of Trump’s election.

University students, siblings at another campus, said that directly following the election, they called their mother every day for a week in tears of concern for the fate of the country and for undocumented friends and their families who now live with increased and constant fears of deportation.

But ‘snowflake’ college kids aren’t the only ones throwing ridiculous hissy fits over America’s new President. According to Blumenfeld’s article, ‘gay middle schoolers’ are also extremely traumatized over the election and are actually being hospitalized and treated for depression because of an inability to cope with Trump’s ‘bullying and hateful rhetoric’.

Most normal people will read such information and question the sanity of the culture they belong to. Social justice warriors, on the other hand, read such info and are empowered in their quest to delegitimize the democratically elected President of the Untied States.

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