Second American Civil War will be Left Vs. Right

Second American Civil War will be Left Vs. Right

Grant J. Kidney, May 2, 2017-

The United States is torn in two.

Forces on the Left are at extreme odds with forces on the Right. We see real manifestations of this each time Antifa shows up to trash a conservative rally.

Under the failed leadership of the past administration, America grew more and more fragmented like never before.

An elderly Trump supporter lay on the ground after being pepper sprayed by Antifa thugs at Berkeley.

America’ first Civil War saw action between North and South. But with the way in which Right and Left have been going at each other’s throats, it is clear that the next civil war will be based purely on ideological disagreements.

What’s interesting about the prospect of a new civil war is that factions on the Left are almost wholly unarmed. Factions on the Right however possess the ‘big guns’ and are ready for combat.

The following Tweet illustrates the sheer differences as will be observed in the next civil war.

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