Twitter to totally ban all Trump supporters?

Twitter to totally ban all Trump supporters?

Grant J. Kidney, January 12, 2018-

In explosive undercover footage released by conservative activist group Project Veritas, it was revealed that Twitter actively ‘shadow bans’ President Donald Trump supporters.

Shadow banning is when a social media user’s ‘reach’ is manually suppressed in order to make it appear as though no one likes or appreciates said user’s posted content.

I am a victim of Twitter shadow banning and have proved it many times over to my audience. I was once gaining millions of impressions each month on Twitter before plunging into the dark depths of social obscurity. Where once I had averaged hundreds of likes and retweets on many of my posts- sometimes thousands of likes and retweets- I now only gain a fraction of what I used to in what has truly become a digital war on conservative voices such as my own.

But beyond the highly unethical practice of shadow banning, Twitter has openly suspended the accounts of leading right wing figures such as Milo Yiannopolous, Roger Stone, Baked Alaska and others.

The big question is, will Twitter decide to completely shut down every conservative account on their platform? 

Last year, President Trump’s official @RealDonaldTrump account was shut down for an entire 11 minutes by a rogue Twitter employee. There is clearly intent by Twitter to outright remove the President from their website. If Twitter deletes President Trump’s account, imagine then how much easier it will be for the Silicon giant to suspend yours or mine.

The following is my story of how Twitter actively shadow banned me- and what the future holds for free speech rights on major social platforms.

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