SJW transgender blames patriarchy for ugliness

SJW transgender blames patriarchy for ugliness

Grant J. Kidney, July 14, 2017-

I discovered the following individual today on Twitter and I just couldn’t resist making a Tucker Carlson meme out of what this person had to say.

The user in question is some kind of weird transgender person who thinks men aren’t attracted to him/her because they’re ‘patriarchal’ in their thinking.

Sorry, I’m guessing it’s the bearded face which drives most men away.

In recent years, the number of transgenders in the Western world has exploded. 

In 2012, the American Psychiatric Association considered transgenderism to be a ‘mental disorder’. They’ve since retracted decades of research and now promote that gender is inherently ‘fluid’.

One must ask if all the transgenders popping up in recent times is not a symptom of liberal media brainwashing as opposed to naturally occurring instances rapidly increasing such as never before witnessed in history.

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