Somali refugee attacks 73 year old lady with machete

Somali refugee attacks 73 year old lady with machete

Grant J. Kidney, January 10, 2018-

A Somali refugee living in Vermont public housing is accused of attacking a 73 year old female ‘Meals on Wheels’ worker using a machete.

The suspect, Abukar Ibrahim, pleaded ‘not guilty’ to all charges, including attempted first degree murder.

Suspiciously, not a single mainstream news outlet is reporting on Ibrahim’s immigrant status.

Ibrahim, 32, was staying in temporary housing built for the poor and ‘disadvantaged’. Then one Friday evening, Ibrahim went off the rails, using a machete to hack away at his elderly victim.

Police immediately responded to calls of violence where they discovered Ibrahim barricaded in a motel room. Ibrahim’s 73 year old victim was left bleeding profusely inside a car with smashed out windows.

Ibrahim requires a special translator who speaks the Somali, ‘Maay Maay’ language. Initially however, no such interpreter was available and thus Ibrahim’s trial was delayed.

Chris Menahan of Information Liberation predicts that Ibrahim will likely plead ‘insane’, thereby receiving a much lighter sentence than what would normally be dished out to perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

This chart shows the incredible abuse of America’s welfare system by African and Middle Eastern refugees.

There have been numerous crimes and terror attacks committed by African refugees who are living in the United States.

Last September, a Sudanese immigrant killed one woman and injured seven others at a church in Tennessee. The mainstream media was unusually silent about the attack.

In 2016, a Somali refugee used his vehicle to ram into a crowded courtyard at Ohio State University and then began to stab at numerous victims before being subdued by police.

The truth of the matter is that refugees and illegal immigrants come from a world where rampant crime and terror flourishes. Importing such people into the United States will only breed more of the same.

President Trump has vowed to protect America from the threats posed by immigrants and refugees. But rest assured that for every illegal alien deported, Democrats hope to usher in a thousand more to fill vacancies.

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