Stop whining: women aren’t getting raped on college campuses

Stop whining: women aren’t getting raped on college campuses

Grant J. Kidney, September 18, 2016-

Sorry feminazi cunts, women aren’t getting raped in droves such as you’d have the general population believe.

College rape statistics, which seem to imply vapid ‘rape culture’ on college campuses across the United States, is based heavily on made-up data which, in every case, favors the so called ‘victim’ in each reported ‘crime’.

Feminists and social justice warriors make a big deal implying that men and women are wholly equal in every way and that gender is but a ‘social construct’ designed to designate people as either being superior or inferior based on the whims of a supposed white male ‘patriarchy’ existent in our society.

But if men and women are as equal as feminists imply, why then are the majority of rape cases reported on campus and otherwise, overwhelmingly situations where men assault women rather it being even statistics across the board?

More women get 'raped' than men. But aren't men and women 'equal'?
The college rape epidemic is simply non-existent. Emotional drivel does not equate to facts.

The truth is very simple: women who cry rape do so for mere attention’s sake as well as for making money from the resultant lawsuits which follow.

But what if the college rape epidemic is true?

But let’s play devil’s advocate for just a moment and ask ourselves, if women really are being raped in such high numbers as feminists would have us believe, what then is the prime trigger which ultimately precedes said reports of sexual assault?

It is this editor’s opinion that the way young females dress and carry themselves is the number one reason for ‘rude’ or ‘lascivious’ comments/advances from men.

All over social media, young women expose their bodies in such ways that the lines between ‘decency’ and pornography are often blurred.

I have nothing against pornography however and enjoy it so very much. The issue though is that young women, who often claim that they do not wish to be treated as on-screen whores, are dressing and behaving as though they do.

Reality: college kids drink and fuck

Everyone and their grandmother knows what college is really all about. College is about getting drunk and fucking everything with a pulse. Let’s not beat around the bush and pretend that young kids go to college for its ‘educational value’.

Anyone who’s ever attended a college party will know exactly how both men and women act when under the influence of alcohol. Women grab men’s crotches and whisper filthy things into their ears. Men do the same. Then it all migrates upstairs into some bedroom where both parties get their respective ‘fucks’ on.

College girls who cry rape are attention seeking bimbos

The day after said party though is really where the campus rape ‘epidemic’ comes into play. Women, upset with themselves for acting like stupid fucking whores, suddenly feel ‘violated’ and set out to reclaim the dignity they so willingly left behind the very night before. Men on the other hand reflect on the fun they had and think nothing more of it.

The reason more women report cases of rape on campus is because biologically, women aren’t as in to sex as much their male counterparts. Therefore, the aforementioned ‘cleansing’ period a young woman will subsequently engage in after a raucous night of drinking is all too predictable an act.

For many college aged women, ‘cleansing’ involves reporting men they’ve slept with to campus authorities, emotionally charging their statements so as to come across more credible and to drive home the notion that a rape did indeed occur.

Many of the affected men in these widely reported cases lose out on scholarships, face criminal penalties and have their reputations forever ruined by vacuous, attention seeking cunts that our liberal society bends over backwards for despite its pushing of ‘equality and justice for all’.

Feminists want ‘Matriarchy’ and New World Order

The truth is that there is no rape epidemic on college campuses and that feminists who peddle such fairy tales are really seeking to establish a ‘matriarchy’ wherein men have become subservient tools to women if not rooted out and destroyed all together.

What’s really sad is that everything outlined in this editorial piece has wide spread acceptance among the ‘silent majority’ who, due to fear of losing their jobs, has decided to let feminists and social justice warriors overrun and rewrite their culture, thereby paving the way for the one world governmental system that the foremost elite of powers have been pushing for over the span of many decades.

The time has come to smash all liberal lies- and it starts here and now with rape culture bullshit.

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