Swedes soon to be minority in own country

Swedes soon to be minority in own country

Grant J. Kidney, February 20, 2017-

Swedes could very well soon be a minority in their own country, according to demographic statistics centered on the mass migration of Muslim ‘refugees’ into Europe.

If the influx of Muslims into Sweden were to persist at current entry rates, most of Sweden’s urban neighborhoods will soon become majority Muslim. And since ‘Muslim’ isn’t a race, what this really means is that Sweden will no longer be a White country by mid-century.

Many Swedish neighborhoods already host a minority Swedish population. Botkyrka, Malmö and Södertälje are but a few examples of towns which have been fully conquered by Muslim refugees hailing from the Middle East and Africa.

So who is to blame for Sweden’s rapidly shifting demographic make up? As it is with Angela Merkel in Germany, one must look no further than to Sweden’s so called ‘leadership’ class governing the once great European country.

The following illustrates just how left-wing and ‘diverse’ Swedish politicians have become.

Here’s a recent photo wherein female members of Sweden’s government can be seen wearing hijabs whilst standing in the presence of Iranian officialdom.

Sweden is now the ‘rape capital of the world’ in the wake of mass Muslim migration.

Many Swedes feel intimidated by Muslim migrants and are often afraid to leave their homes for fear of being raped or attacked in some other way.

Throughout Europe, Muslims have refused to adapt to cultural norms, preferring instead their own regressive cultural whims which undoubtedly set Islamic societies apart from the rest of the civilized world.

Here is shocking footage showing the enormous mess left behind by Muslim migrants in the streets of Paris. One must wonder if ‘cleanliness’ is not a widely adopted practice in the Muslim world.

Many of the Muslims entering Sweden and other parts of Europe believe that homosexuality should be punishable by death and that female genital mutilation is a prime virtue. Howsoever could such beliefs and practices ‘melt’ into the great ‘pot’ that is Swedish or European society in general?

In the United States, proponents of Donald Trump’s immigration and refugee policies are branded ‘racist’ whilst endless commercials air on mainstream television ‘reminding’ America that at one point, we were all once ‘immigrants’.

While its true that America is a nation of immigrants, we are in fact also a nation of European ancestry. In other words, when the Irish immigrated to America, they brought with them beliefs, customs and practices no different from the rest of Europe. Car bombings, beheadings and bizarre, ritualistic practices which infringe generally on human rights weren’t imported alongside the flux of Irish, Italian, Polish and other European immigrants to the United States.

Sweden is learning the hard way what Muslim migration means to their society. But when the country’s natives suddenly find themselves a minority population, drastic action is sure to ensue if history is any indicator of such similar situations.

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