The Left’s latest push to legalize incest

The Left’s latest push to legalize incest

Grant J. Kidney, July 15, 2017-

Today I posted a screenshot of a young woman who claims to be having an incest-based relationship with her brother.

The graphic went viral and has garnered absolutely no sympathy for the brother and sister pair engaged in a highly immoral (and illegal) sexual situation.

Here are some of the comments I’ve been getting on the image.

The young woman in question has since been suspended from Twitter. Prior to the suspension however, user @Baddiiebee staunchly defended her objectionable lifestyle in the worst possible manner.

As disturbing as the above tweets are, incest-based relationships are on the rise.

Here’s a screen grab from the London Telegraph with an appropriately labeled headline.

In the wake of the Left’s popularization of the LGBT lifestyle, major pushes have been made to normalize not only incest, but pedophilia as well.

Here’s a disturbing YouTube clip of parents teaching their kids how to masturbate. At least a couple of the children featured in the clip look to be as young as eight.

Society is not what it used to be. From a religious standpoint, it could be argued that what is being observed today with the reversal of all morals and decency in the West, Jesus is about to return to the Earth.

But even if you’re not religious, there is no justifying the extent to which the Left has eroded the foundations of Western culture and ideals.

Welcome to the Roman Empire… the END phase of the Roman Empire.

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