The United States is becoming demonically possessed

The United States is becoming demonically possessed

Grant J. Kidney, July 19, 2017-

I stumbled on an excellent article from World Net Daily which outlines why the United States is fast becoming demonically possessed.

The article conducts an interview with Karl Payne, author of ‘Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization and Deliverance’. Payne argues that America has been infiltrated by demonic entities via the mass media.

“Yes, pop culture is glorifying occultism and demons, and you would have to be living under a rock to deny this current reality.” -Karl Payne to World Net Daily.

Payne also makes an excellent point in calling out critics of Christianity who label the religion as ‘extreme’ whilst simultaneously promoting occult non-sense in the media.

“I still think it is more than an irony that some of the same entertainment pundits that view evangelical Christianity as extreme, and conservative Christians akin to dangerous terrorists for their pro-God and pro-life convictions, view and promote occult baloney as harmless, healthy entertainment.”

Even if one chooses not to believe in God, ghosts and demons, still, the reality is undeniable that Americans have become obsessed with occult-based television shows and films prolific on Netflix and elsewhere.

Is it possible that demonic influence can traverse the vast expanse of space and time and enter in to people’s bodies via television or other modes of entertainment?

The movie ‘Poltergeist’ opened the possibility of trans-dimensional travel through television waves.

One look at how wretched our culture has become and the notion of mass demonic possession becomes all the more plausible.

Here’s a local news report about how one exorcist priest says the number of demonic possessions is rising in his community.

“It might be a good thing to remember that the entertainment industry produces just that, entertainment, and sometimes that entertainment being pumped into front rooms and across media screens and devices can be hurtful rather than helpful. Should we care how this impacts children and adults? I think so!” -Karl Payne to World Net Daily

Perhaps the most lurid of occult influence lurks in the realm of popular music.

Across the industry, stars constantly reference pagan practices and are known to wear Satanic pendants on their persons.

Madonna famously wore a Satanic dress thereby invoking dark powers into her performance.

And while it can be argued that entertainers who’ve seemingly made ‘pacts with Satan’ have done so for mere shock value, still, it must be asked, what good can come from generating such stigma?

For me personally, one of the surest signs that our culture has been demonically possessed comes in the push by leftist perverts to add incest and pedophilia into the LGBT cauldron of filth.

Here’s a video of a young, brainwashed child twerking at a gay pride parade. This kid’s parents ought to be ashamed.

Read the entire article and interview with Karl Payne at World Net Daily.

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