The West is NOT ‘oppressed’ and ‘White privilege’ is a MYTH!!!

The West is NOT ‘oppressed’ and ‘White privilege’ is a MYTH!!!

Grant J. Kidney, August 31, 2016-

Everyone and their grandmother is an ‘oppressed minority’ here in 2016.

When that filthy rag, Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem, my blood pressure fucking shot through the roof.

Kaepernick has done so well living here in the United States. He’s got a big ass mansion, a fleet of fancy cars, hookers & blow on demand… the dude is simply set up for LIFE.

Of course though we’ve got the usual chorus of liberal retards out there praising Kaepernick for his so called ‘bravery’ in standing up against the ‘totalitarianism’ of American life and culture. Hell, the guy might as well just have burned the American flag live on the air and have been done with it already.

My question is, when will the madness end?

Black LIES Matter

Liberals and social justice warriors like making big, fucking deals out of every minute story where a black person is beat up or shot by police. But what about the huge number of homicides- black on black ordeals- in places like Chicago where crime has reached an all time high?

Look, if black lives really mattered, BLM activists would be out there in the streets of Chicago right now trying to get everyone to join hands and sing the song ‘Kumbaya’.

And another thing- why isn’t the George Soros funded BLM doing anything at all about the deathly poverty sweeping the African continent? I’ll tell you why- its because Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with black lives. BLM is all about creating racial strife and division in the streets- and that’s it!

Gays are such drama queens

Also, whats with all the gays thinking they’re so oppressed? I’m bisexual. I don’t need someone passing laws on my behalf to make me feel more ‘comfortable’ in my own skin. I’ll do as I please, thank you very much.

But as a bisexual, I do not identify with the so called ‘LGBT’ crowd. Like BLM, LGBT is a splinter group designed to create cultural chaos here in the West.

The Democrats just LOVE tiny little groups at war with each other. It’s super manageable and creates the perfect smoke screen for the ultra-libs who, behind the scenes, want to usher in an impenetrable ‘new world order’ global architecture.

The MYTH of ‘White Privilege’

But more than just ushering in some sinister totalitarian control grid, the real agenda with all this oppression bullshit is to degrade the sheer and utter power of White people here in the West.

Its how you see it: do White people control the world or do you control your own life?

Whites are super amazing. They’ve done so many great things culturally, technologically, scientifically, mathematically, musically and other wise. The controllers know that Whites are historically a super independent people while folks of other cultures and races don’t quite have the same drive for conquest and dominance etched into their DNA.

Some have labeled caucasians ‘White devils’ due to the aforementioned drive which led to much war and colonialism in the world. And while some may look down on White history due to these very facts alone, I just say, ‘it is what it is’- it’s neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ and that’s that.

The elite know that by creating racial strife and victimhood here in our society, it will do much to lower the psychology, confidence and overall strength of White culture.

When victims scream of ‘oppression’ here in the United States, little is it asked, just WHO is doing the oppression? Silently however, the vast majority of White America knows PRECISELY who is being targeted with such vitriol and rage.

White people are often asked to ‘check their privilege’. This is to say that somehow Whites are part of some special club; you know, with a whole secret hand-shake and shit. The utter ridiculousness though of asking an ordinary White American to ‘check his privilege’ is revealed in the fact that the majority of people on food stamps in this country are WHITE.

Its funny because as a White male, I grew up in a ghetto of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The police were even afraid to drive down my street. Yet despite my harsh upbringing, I turned out just fine. I didn’t sell drugs, I didn’t kill anyone and I didn’t go to fucking prison.

We hear often though from the liberals that its ‘environment’ which shapes reality. In other words, no one is to take responsibility for their own actions. Instead, it was the ‘evil White man’ who put minorities (and I guess a few token White people like me) in the ghetto where it was determined what our ultimate destinies would be.

Fuck that. I took lemons and made lemonade, bitches.

Quit whining and MAN THE FUCK UP!!!

White people, like blacks, Hispanics, Asians and etc., are simply that- people. In this society, we’ve all got the same fucking rights and the same fucking opportunities here in 2016.

Only a worthless sack of GARBAGE with his life going nowhere would complain of ‘White privilege’ here in America. The same can be said of the rabid socialist types who supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election. Truly a socialist is one who either worked hard or who didn’t work hard but either way, they’re poor and they want other people’s money to make up for their miserable lots in life.

The world is what you make it. Stop thinking you’re so oppressed. Get out there and DO SOMETHING, mother fucker! Time to make your life GREAT!

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