TIME magazine cover features Nancy Pelosi

TIME magazine cover features Nancy Pelosi

Grant J. Kidney, September 6, 2018-

Nancy Pelosi is being featured on the cover of the next issue of TIME magazine, despite the fact that the California Democrat is universally reviled by both Republicans, as well as by newcomer Democrats.

The cover features the headline, “The persistence of Nancy Pelosi”, referencing an article written by TIMES reporter, Molly Ball.

In Republican circles, Pelosi is viewed as a washed up, has-been drunk who is possibly senile beyond measure.

Here’s a video I did last year proving that Nancy Pelosi is unfit for public office.

In younger Democrat circles, Nancy Pelosi is seen as a ‘dinosaur’ whose time has since passed.

Anti-gun lunatic, David Hogg, recently accused Nancy Pelosi of being ‘old, and insisted that the Democrat party belongs to younger generations. Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares a similar sentiment to Hogg.

Imagine that. Republicans and many Democrats joined in solidarity against Nancy Pelosi.

But for the establishment TIME magazine, Nancy Pelosi is a ‘hero’ who should be awarded the Presidential medal of freedom.

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