To build the wall, Trump should declare war on Mexico

To build the wall, Trump should declare war on Mexico

Grant J. Kidney, May 3, 2017-

The Republican spending bill is an absolute disaster.

Contained in the bill is funding for Planned Parenthood as well as for the refugee program. Absent however is any mention of funding for Trump’s proposed souther border wall.

A wall with Mexico is a very important goal. It will help fight against our nation’s severe drug epidemic as well as put a halt to human trafficking operations. If anything, the wall should be viewed as a ‘humanitarian’ effort. In other words, the Left should be all for it.

The following screenshot displaying a Washington Post headline illustrates perfectly the tough battle ahead for the President insofar as building the Wall and other ‘MAGA’ domestic items are concerned.

In a recent edition of my podcast, The Grant J. Kidney Show, I ask whether or not Trump is an ‘effective’ leader after news broke of the nightmare spending bill and all that’s contained therein.

In the show, I propose what could be an effective strategy for building the southern border wall. Ready for it? Here goes: President Trump should declare war on Mexico. 

Now before I’m accused of being a neocon warmonger, here me out.

If Trump declared war on Mexico, he could greatly expand the powers of the presidency- so much so that a southern border wall could be ordered without resistance from the congress.

I wouldn’t expect Trump to launch nukes into Mexico City, but having a war on paper would no doubt grant the President special authority to fulfill his biggest of campaign promises.

And when you really think about it, aren’t we at war with Mexico already? Ask residents of America’s border towns and communities if what they see happening in their neighborhoods resembles war in all its ugliness.

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