Top Feminist admits Feminism has gone too far

Top Feminist admits Feminism has gone too far

Grant J. Kidney, December 2, 2016-

Top feminist Cassie Jaye is now suggesting that it is men who are the oppressed sex after years of bullying by ‘women’s rights’ groups.

Jaye is the director of a new film called ‘Red Pill’ which explores the very topic of men being oppressed by the constant push for ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ instituted by third-wave, Feminazi activists.

Initially Ms. Jaye set out to expose the supposed ‘hate’ and misogyny of the ‘men’s rights movement’. However- and much to Jaye’s surprise- it was feminists who were found to be more hateful and more controlling than the men’s rights groups explored in Red Pill. 

Cassie Jaye is the director of the new film, ‘Red Pill’ which suggests feminists have gone too far in the fight for ‘equality’.

‘When I started this project, my perception of men’s rights activists (MRAs) was definitely negative,’ Jaye said. ‘I thought it would be a peek inside this mysterious, misogynist community. But when I really started to listen to them, I started to emphathise with a lot of their issues… Our cultural conditioning is that women have been oppressed and that men are the oppressors. But I saw that wasn’t so.’

Jaye has received tremendous scorn from feminist groups over her new film, thus further cementing the case that it is leftist, social justice warriors who are the true progenitors of hate and bigotry in the Western world.

Here’s the sort of vitriolic, feminist thinking that Cassie Jaye’s new film exposes:

… and here’s an amazing social experiment which completely disproves the above quote.

The following highlights perfectly how little society cares when a man is verbally or physically abused by a woman.

Watch closely though for how concerned people are when it is a man who is attacking a female instead.

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