Trump admin to reverse Obama transgender bathroom policy

Trump admin to reverse Obama transgender bathroom policy

Grant J. Kidney, February 22, 2017-

The Trump administration is signaling a reversal on an Obama era policy governing the ‘rights’ of transgender people to choose which bathroom they would prefer to use.

White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, told reporters today that the hotly contested matter of transgender bathroom policy in public schools ought to be for individual States to decide upon rather than for the federal government to get involved.

Last May, former President Barack Obama issued notice to public schools that they are to let transgender students use any bathroom of their choosing. The decision was met with much resistance from conservative activist groups who caution that school boys should not be allowed to enter a girl’s restroom and vice versa.

There is no such thing as ‘transgender children’. There is a such thing as ‘bad parents’ however.

Rachel Tiven, who heads up the leftist LGBT group ‘Lambda Legal’, says that “enforcement of federal civil rights law is not a states’ rights issue. Full stop.”

What Ms. Tiven fails to recognize is that there remains a substantial debate in America over whether or not transgenderism is a mental disorder. Only five years ago, the American Psychiatric Association declared that transgenderism was NOT a valid sexual identity.

Transgenderism is obviously a mental disorder- but in 2012, liberal psychiatric boards overturned this perfectly reasonable line of thought.

If the notion of transgenderism in society were to once again be evaluated by the boards of psychiatric institutions, then the ‘civil rights’ argument would no doubt be flushed down the proverbial toilet (pun intended).

As an aside, this is an author who does not have children as of yet. However, if I did have kids, I would not want them using bathrooms where a transgender adult male- who is merely playing ‘dress up’ in my opinion- is within close quarters, emptying their bladder through sex organs opposite to that of what my children possess.

Expect more debate on transgender bathrooms as the issue goes directly to the Supreme Court next month.

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