Trump: Censoring conservatives is “troubled territory”

Trump: Censoring conservatives is “troubled territory”

Grant J. Kidney, August 28, 2018-

Today, President Trump blasted social media companies for censoring conservatives, as well as custom tailoring search results, so as only to display biased, left wing news and views regarding his administration.

The President later clarified his remarks to reporters during a White House event, saying that social media companies are treading on “very, very troubled territory” when they censor conservatives online.

Earlier in the day, White House economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, said that the administration is looking in to imposing stiff penalties against social media giants for their Orwellian control over the flow of news and information.

One of the best ways to rein in the tech giants would be to impose stiff tax penalties that would progressively worsen until censorship against conservatives ceases.

In other words, bleed the tech industry dry, thereby forcing submission.

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