Trump election means end of Black Lives Matter

Trump election means end of Black Lives Matter

Grant J. Kidney, November 10, 2016-

Donald Trump’s historic victory means it is now possible to shut down the terrorist group known as Black Lives Matter.

For years, Black Lives Matter has taken advantage of cases where blacks are shot by police- sometimes for completely valid reasons. Like a swarm of locusts, Black Lives Matter swoops in to any town or neighborhood where the aforementioned scenario takes place and causes absolute mayhem like it was nobody’s business.

Now with Trump elected President- and with both the House and Senate on his side- it will be very possible to finally label Black Lives Matter a terrorist group and to stop these filthy rags from burning down our towns and neighborhoods such as they had in Ferguson, Milwaukee, Baltimore, and etc.

Also interesting to note is how well connected Black Lives Matter has been to the Obama White House. There was even one occasion where the leader of BLM met with President Obama for a private chat regarding who knows what.

And then there’s the money trail that leads all the way back to the rat, George Soros, which Trump should seriously spotlight during his first 100 days in office.

Americans voted for real change. They voted to reclaim their country from the hands of the elites- the same elites who’ve for years, sought deep, racial divide in this country only so that they may control us more effectively.

Now that Trump is our man in the Oval Office, we the people must push our new President to use the police and existing laws on the books to suppress violent uprisings in our country that threaten the peace of our people and of our society.

Black Lives Matter- your days are numbered. The police are overwhelmingly supportive of our new President.


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