Trump declares war on Google, vows to end censorship

Trump declares war on Google, vows to end censorship

Grant J. Kidney, August 28, 2018-

President Trump again called out Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and others for their abusive censorship of conservative leaning voices online.

Trump specifically blasted Google after a report indicated that mostly all searches for ‘Donald Trump’ yielded negative, left wing press.

Weeks prior to a major online purge that saw the likes of Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys and other top conservatives banned form social media, President Trump zeroed in on reports that Twitter was actively ‘shadow banning’ conservatives.

Now, in the wake of many conservatives having been completely erased from the big social platforms, the issue of social media censorship has grown infinitely worse.

But how specifically could Trump take on the tech industry and stop private companies from banning users in whom they disagree with ideologically?

One strategy would be to progressively raise taxes on the tech giants until they comply with the notion of providing censorship-free, equal footing to all political voices online.

Another idea to stop online censorship would be to declare social media companies as ‘public utilities’. Historically, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others have received extraordinary tax breaks and federal grants. Also, many politicians and governmental departments use social media to provide updates and news to the general public at large. These facts alone provide great substance to the argument that social media companies are indeed public utilities.

Last Friday, heads of all the major tech companies met in secret to discuss how best to manipulate their systems in order to produce a Democrat victory in November. The sheer arrogance on part of the tech companies to openly collude and meddle in America’s election process is more than ironic given the current hoopla regarding the phony Trump-Russia witch hunt.

Even if Trump is unsuccessful in forcing Silicon Valley to cease in their censorship of conservatives, there are now many alternative platforms on the web such as Gab, Minds and BitChute- each of which pride themselves on providing a venue for free and unbridled speech.

Perhaps the major tech platforms of today will ultimately go the route of the now defunct ‘MySpace’, and addressing the issue of censorship is really just a moot point.

Nevertheless, go get ’em, Trump!

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