Twitter finally bans major pedophile accounts

Twitter finally bans major pedophile accounts

Grant J. Kidney, January 16, 2018-

After months of persistence, Twitter has finally shut down major pedophile accounts which were operating with impunity on the social network.

One such account which has been permanently suspended belonged to that of @enderphile2- a sinister promoter of normalizing the concept of sex with children.

Late last year, I decided to embark on a pedophile witch hunt on social media. My research led to the discovery of a gigantic, active pedophile community on Twitter.

The accounts I discovered on Twitter each used cartoons or images of children as avatars. Oddly enough, many of the profiles in question all seemed to follow and retweet one another on a fairly consistent basis.

After my exposure of Twitter’s dark pedophile network, many positive changes began to unfold. There was visible momentum building to force Twitter to suspend each of the accounts that I had called into question.

Ultimately, news outlet, ‘The Sun’ reported on Twitter’s gross negligence in allowing pedophiles to operate freely on their platform. Several members of the British government even called on Twitter to take immediate action in scrubbing their website of would-be child molesters.

After much arm pulling and struggle, Twitter finally listened to numerous calls for action and removed a vast swath of pro-pedophile accounts.

The following is a more in depth take on the incredible story of how people like me forced real change on social media.

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