Twitter stock PLUNGES during Jack Dorsey hearing

Twitter stock PLUNGES during Jack Dorsey hearing

Grant J. Kidney, September 5, 2018-

Heads of the major tech platforms have convened in Washington today where they are to be grilled on such topics as social media bias against conservatives.

But a funny thing happened while Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, began spouting lies off before the government: shares in Twitter began plummeting fast.

According to CNBC:

Twitter shares were down as much as 6 percent Wednesday during CEO Jack Dorsey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

Dorsey is testifying alongside Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg about election meddling and abuse on their platforms. Google was also invited to testify, but the tech giant declined to send its CEO or parent company Alphabet’s CEO.

Twitter’s stock fell 1 percent Wednesday before the committee hearing began. Other tech stocks were also down on Wednesday.

Aw, poor Jack. Maybe stop censoring conservatives and your fortune will begin to turn around quick.

Also on this note, many conservatives- myself included- have noticed that we are no longer being shadowbanned on Twitter.

How weird is it that just as heads of the major tech platforms prepare to answer questions regarding social media bias, many accounts are all of a sudden no longer blocked?

If you listen to Jack Dorsey however, no one is being censored. No one.

Here’s Dorsey appearing before the government today touting the ridiculous lie that Twitter treats all manner of political views ‘equally’.

The fact of the matter is, Dorsey, Zuckerberg and all the titans of Silicon Valley are absolutely frightened right now that President Trump is going to bust their empires and throw many top executives in jail.

Trump has branded the fake news media as the ‘enemy of the people’. I’d like to posit that the big tech giants pose an even greater threat and must be reined in before they ultimately become too powerful and begin taking control of the government.

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