Twitter’s anti White agenda exposed

Twitter’s anti White agenda exposed

Grant J. Kidney, May 15, 2017-

Last night, the hash #WhitePeople was trending on Twitter. Naturally I had to get in the game.

I took a lot of heat for the above. An endless stream of leftist fools thought it their duty to inform me that it really wasn’t Whites who ‘built civilization’- that instead, Whites built civilization on the backs of slaves.

I almost take pity on those who believe so strongly that blacks were the only group to be enslaved.

The truth is that Twitter, Facebook and other social media giants are on a dastardly quest to help replace White people in society.

On Twitter, one can get away with endless hate on White people. Search ‘hate White people’ in Twitter and see what I mean. Turn the tables though and actually promote White culture and see how quickly your posts get deleted and your account quite possibly banned.

Facebook and Twitter are the enemy.

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