Twitter’s biggest anti-White racists exposed

Twitter’s biggest anti-White racists exposed

Grant J. Kidney, February 15, 2017-

Twitter has grown to become such a haven for anti-White bigotry that it would almost appear as though the social media giant is actually promoting the sort of vitriol and threats which emanate from its platform each and every day.

For years, Twitter allowed agents of the Islamic State to actively recruit and spread propaganda on its website without any explanation as to why. Finally, when pressed, Twitter announced it would ultimately crack down on ISIS linked accounts.

Twitter is infamous for having banned conservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos over opinions it disagrees with. The crusade against free speech on part of Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms ought to be viewed as horrendous assaults on open dialogue which once served as an important fundamental in this our society.

After being banned from Twitter, Milo’s popularity shot through the roof… as did pre-orders of his new book, ‘Dangerous’.

But is Twitter’s attack on free speech a more universal method of censorship at play? Or should the social media giant’s actions be more clearly defined as a ‘silencing campaign’ against conservatism and White people in general?

The following tweets bountifully vindicate my position that Twitter is concerned only with censoring those who harbor certain points of view rather than universally enforcing so called ‘community guidelines’ pertaining to ‘hate’, ‘bigotry’ and other forms of ‘malice’.

How is it that the following individuals can get away expressing such racism against White people and yet face no such backlash against it?

I guess we should stop ‘winning’.
Imagine if I said ‘kill black people’.
Self hating White guy.
That’s because they’ve been brainwashed by cultural Marxists.
What did we ever do to you other than provide you with food stamps, public housing and affirmative action?
Another racist black angry with the Super Bowl results.
No, we WANT black people to win and be successful. Your own corrupt community full of drugs and gang violence is what prevents this.
Guess I should start saying, ‘I hate black people’ under my breath.
White people built the roads, technologies and systems used and abused by POC each and every day.
White people aren’t trying to ‘kick out’ Arabic speaking people. You’re insane.
Because upholding immigration laws is one thing. Your racist vitriol is something different all together.

Social media must be seen for what it is- a platform for anti-White bigots to freely express their warped points of view.

The good news is that Twitter’s stock continues to decline while figures like Milo Yiannopoulos only get bigger and bigger.

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