UN demands White people pay black people slavery reparations

UN demands White people pay black people slavery reparations

Grant J. Kidney, July 28, 2018-

The United Nations wants White people to pay black people money as a way to say ‘sorry’ for slavery.

In the truly asinine proposal issued in 2016 by the ‘UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent’, White Americans are accused or ‘racial terrorism’, and are said to have made ‘no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation’ with black Americans.

The UN report also makes it a point to suggest that ‘contemporary police killings’ are the equivalent of the ‘past racial terror of lynching’.

Here’s an official representative of the United Nations audaciously accusing the entire White race of terrible ills, all the while demanding that White people fork over their hard earned money in the form of reparations.

The truth is that black Americans have been granted an inordinate amount of welfare and other government benefits totaling trillions of dollars over the span of many years. How much more money should be given to satisfy those asking for additional handouts?

Let’s ask a liberal:

Oops, sorry we did.

It must also be noted that during America’s civil war, over 600,000 White men died in an epic battle that ultimately ended slavery in the United States.

The United Nations- and all other major globalist institutions in the world today- want to eradicate White people off of the face of the Earth, and rule primarily over a dark-skinned global population. The reason for this is due to the fact that many leading figures in the upper-echelon of the globalist power structure are themselves TRUE RACISTS who feel as though a dark-skinned majority would pose much less resistance to an autocratic, global super-state.

The globalists want to divide and conquer the United States in particular, causing racial tensions the likes of which our nation has never seen before.

Demanding that White people pay slavery reparations to blacks is a very powerful mechanism by which to foment all out race war in the streets- and the United Nations understand this.

If the United Nations cared at all about slavery reparations, they would equally demand that ancestors of Roman or Islamic slaves were also given their dues. In fact, while they’re at it, why doesn’t the UN simply declare that any group that has EVER been wronged throughout the entire course of history be given some kind of ‘check’ by ancestors of the ‘oppressors’?

As of 2018, the UN has yet to walk back their audacious comments regarding slavery reparations. In other words, the UN is unapologetically racist against White people.

Continued membership in the United Nations on part of the U.S. should be immediately reconsidered. Fortunately, President Trump has taken a hardline with the UN. Only time will tell if a full withdrawal is possible.

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