Violent Anti-Trump marxists destroy property, clash with police

Violent Anti-Trump marxists destroy property, clash with police

Grant J. Kidney, January 22, 2017-

Today, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. But this didn’t stop the opposition from throwing the usual brand of hissy fits out in the streets.

Communist pigs riot at the DeploraBall event. Earlier they had planned to use acid against Donald Trump supporters.

So called ‘anti Fascist’ groups like ‘DisruptJ20’ clashed with police as well as destroyed private property in the wake of Trump’s swearing in.

Bank of America location smashed by anti-Trump, Marxist protesters.

The notion of calling one’s self ‘anti fascist’ all the while using fascist level violence after an election didn’t go one’s way is typical leftist hypocrisy.

Perhaps one of the more memorable of moments from the protests was when Infowars boss Alex Jones confronted members of the DisruptJ20 communist group.

Infowars’ Alex Jones vs. a communist street rat.

But when all is said and done, nothing is more sweeter than watching Alt-Right hero Gavin McInnes take on a lefty scumbag right outside last night’s ‘DeploraBall’ event.

Thanks to our brave police for maintaining order amid the sheer chaos of today’s inaugural festivities.

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