Wanting reparations for slavery makes you an anti-white bigot

Wanting reparations for slavery makes you an anti-white bigot

Grant J. Kidney, September 29, 2016-

This week at the UN, a so called ‘panel’ of experts made the explicit determination that White people in the United States owe black Americans reparations for slavery which took places hundreds of years ago.

“In particular, the legacy of colonial history, enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the United States remains a serious challenge, as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent,” the United Nations reported. “Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching.”

The UN includes member states like Saudi Arabia- a country which routinely rapes and enslaves people as it is here in 2016. Yet despite the gross hypocrisy on display, the call for reparations was nonetheless pushed through at a recent convening of the United Nations commission on ‘human rights’.

Here’s where it gets real…

Black people are not owed anything from white people. Conversely, white people are not owed a dime by any other group.

It is this editor’s opinion that only the lazy seek reparations for something that happened to their ancestors because it means a quick pay day that could be used at the casino, on drugs or on a pair of expensive Nike tennis shoes.

Also, we must bear in mind that not every white person living in the United States has ancestors who were involved in the slave trade. My own ancestors for instance came from Ireland, Germany and Russia back in the 1920’s- long after slavery had ended as an institution in this country.

The very notion of slavery reparations for U.S. black people exclusively is actually very ‘insensitive’ to the rest of history as it ignores the plights of many different groups of people who, throughout time, have been conquered and enslaved themselves- sometimes in ways that were more brutal than what Africans were forced to deal with.

Yes Virginia, there WAS a such thing as 'White slaves'.
Yes Virginia, there WAS a such thing as ‘White slaves’.

The Jews for instance were enslaved by the mighty Egyptian empire. The Japanese enslaved Koreans. Romans, whenever they would conquer new territory, would take many hundreds of white slaves themselves who were beaten and treated in a very inhumane fashion. And then we have the white ‘Slavic’ people who’s very name is the exact derivative of the word ‘slave’.

But perhaps the most vicious form of slavery which took place on this Earth happened at the hands of the Islamic people. The barbaric treatment of slaves by Muslim mad men from the Middle East trumps anything that happened to black slaves in the United States.

But let’s be clear- the many examples above of slavery from all over the world does not justify what happened to black people here in the United States. Slavery is still slavery- and its a very bad thing no matter which way you cut it. The U.S. government recognized this very fact and so therefore a civil war was fought wherein hundreds of thousands of WHITE MEN died freeing the slaves.

Throughout our nation’s history, attempts have been made to make the country more ‘welcoming’ to its black citizens. Food stamps, public housing, affirmative action and etc. were institutionalized by big government liberals who erroneously believed that hand-outs, in addition to the sacrifices made during the Civil War, were ‘freeing’ to blacks and could afford them a life of ‘conscience’. But on the contrary, hand-outs have done NOTHING but keep black people in yet another form of slavery and dependency on the State.

When all is digested, the case could truly be made that after all the bending over backwards for people of African descent in this country, demanding MORE in the form of reparations is actually a racist assault against White people. But tell this to the liberals in the pacific North West who’ve already instituted a form of reparations facilitated through a very disturbing website called ‘reparations.me‘.

The good news though is that as someone who grew up poor in an all black neighborhood, I’ve met and befriended many strong and independent black folk over the years who’d never once accept a single dollar bill from the State for what happened to their ancestors hundreds of years ago. The black people I’ve met and known are SICK of the liberal Democrat plantation and are truly ready for REAL CHANGE in their communities.

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