Watch: waves of African ‘refugees’ destroy Rome, Italy

Watch: waves of African ‘refugees’ destroy Rome, Italy

Grant J. Kidney, July 10, 2017-

African and middle eastern migration into Europe has become an epidemic of biblical proportions.

Even globalist operatives like Bill Gates are now calling for a reduction in the number of people who are seeking refuge in Europe’s top cities.

Sadly though, warnings from Bill Gates aren’t enough to stop the mad woman, Angela Merkel, who has promised to import over 100 million African refugees into Germany.

The following clip shows the absolute devastation wrought by migrants who’ve turned the once magnificent Rome into a heaping pile of trash.

Let us remember the words of the dear Pope- who also lives in Rome- that erecting ‘walls’ as a means by which to secure national sovereignty is NOT a ‘Christian’ concept to employ.

But I’m sure the Pope will be safe and sound behind those GIANT VATICAN WALLS.

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