Whites a minority in Harvard freshman class

Whites a minority in Harvard freshman class

Grant J. Kidney, August 4, 2017-

The majority of new students accepted into Harvard this year are non-White, according to the school’s admission and financial aid website.

Over 50 percent of Harvard’s 2021 freshman class is comprised of black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American students.

Here are some of the astounding statistics proving a major demographic shift in Harvard’s admission process.

-2,038 students were admitted

-14.6% identify as ‘African America’

-22.2% identify as Asian

-11.6% identify as Hispanic

-2.5% identify as Native American

Anti-White propaganda such as this ridiculous presentation are common place on college campuses in America.

Ivy league institutions like Harvard have an explicit agenda to completely replace White students.

At the time of this article’s birth, the Trump administration has just announced that it will begin suing universities who overlook White students in the college admission process.

Across the spectrum of liberal colleges in America, a very specific, anti-White, anti-Western curriculum is taught which categorizes White people as descendants of oppressive, colonial slave masters.

But it isn’t just the White race which has become a target of major Ivy League institutions. White, Western values of normalcy and tradition are also under incredible attack.

At Princeton University for instance, use of the word ‘man’ has been completely banned from college campus. In other words, ‘firemen’ or ‘cameramen’ must be referred to as ‘fire people’, ‘camera people’ and etc.

College is no longer what it used to be. With skyrocketing tuition and tumultuous racial/cultural warfare, it would be advisable NOT to send your kids to school.

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