Why confederate monuments shouldn’t be removed

Why confederate monuments shouldn’t be removed

Grant J. Kidney, May 10, 2017-

Around the country, states are removing confederate monuments in effort to eradicate American history.

Of course we are told that the real reason the monuments are being destroyed is because it hurts black people’s feelings.

Ironically, what several U.S. states are doing with the taking down of confederate relics is eerily similar to what ISIS does when it conquers neighboring territory.

Even if you disagree with what the Confederacy stood for, the Civil War was an important moment in our nation’s past.

Still though, there are ‘alternative views’ as to what actually took place during what many have deemed the ‘war of Northern Aggression’.

To many, the confederate battle flag represents something more than slavery- it represents southern heritage and tradition.

But don’t take my word for it. Just listen to what this ‘black white supremacist’ has to say:

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