Why globalists are destabilizing the world

Why globalists are destabilizing the world

Grant J. Kidney, July 20, 2017-

Globalists are destabilizing the world on purpose.

Remember, the game of the global elite is to introduce ORDER amid self generated chaos. ‘Ordo ab chao’, or so they say in Masonic circles.

In Masonry, a concept exists known as ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ which is about creating order from chaos.

I believe strongly that a globalist controlled, fascist government will soon emerge in Europe in direct response to the migrant crisis.

At first, said government will be welcomed by those of us in Alt-Right and in nationalist circles. Later however we will come to reject this neo-feudalist system as it will have engaged in massive overreach and in mass overkill of individual rights and freedoms.

Once the Muslims have been driven out of Europe, the aforementioned fascist state will then turn inward and begin crushing those whom initially supported the new government’s rise to prominence.

Hitler’s government worked for a short time in fixing the German economy. Later however, Hitler’s own people tried numerous times to assassinate him because of how devastating conditions had become.

Perhaps what we see now with globalists like Bill Gates advocating for the limiting of refugees into Europe is a sign that the ‘backlash system’ in Europe is soon to be installed.

Bill Gates calls on Europe to reduce the influx of refugees. Gates is a top globalist. His motives must be held in question.

Remember, globalists have followed a direct blueprint for centuries. And though the plan for world domination has deviated somewhat, globalists are still on course for introducing ultimate order from amid the chaos they’re personally responsible for inciting.

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