Why is MGTOW so accurate in regards to women?

Why is MGTOW so accurate in regards to women?

Grant J. Kidney, August 28, 2016-

‘MGTOW’ stands for ‘Men Going Their Own Way’. It’s a philosophy which recognizes the true nature of womankind and has helped some men live much better lives all without resorting to children, marriage, relationships and etc.

MGTOW represents a huge online community of disenfranchised men who’ve ultimately grown to recognize that women follow distinct, biological patterns which puts them at eternal odds with their male counterparts in life.

MGTOW says that a man could find much more peace by ‘going his own way’ rather than putting up with the games that women will so often play.

One particular ‘stunt’ as recognized by the MGTOW community is women making themselves appear ‘weak’ only so as to find a ‘strong man’ who will ultimately provide for them in every which way.

In a day and age when we are told that women are equal to men in every single regard, men still fall for the oldest line in the book which says that women must be swept off their feet and taken care of as though a dependent child.

For some, MGTOW is an accurate depiction of women's behavior.
For some, MGTOW is an accurate depiction of women’s behavior.

Much of the traits ascribed to both men and women by the MGTOW community are factually biological tendencies which, in certain circumstances, can be overcome through simple disciplining of the mind.

MGTOW isn’t an attack on women. It isn’t some misogynistic cult as some have described it. Rather, MGTOW offers fellowship to men who’ve mustered the courage to stand up for their own rights and happiness in this world.

Also, it should be noted that much of the speculation as espoused by MGTOW proponents in regards to women in general is really but commentary offered up on the modern female as she exists today.

The media has brainwashed a generation of women to think so highly of themselves that it borderlines narcissism.  Women are so completely entitled and yet seemingly ‘independent’ creatures who’ve been programmed to take men for everything they’ve got- both financially as well as emotionally speaking.

Of course not every woman fits the MGTOW mold. But such is the case with every generality- there are always those who fall between the cracks.

Men are also not complete angels in this regard. There are some very abusive men out there who prey on women just as badly as MGTOW proponents say that women prey on men.

I’ve had male friends who’ve told me that everything MGTOW says about women is or was true in their own, unique relationships. I’ve also had female friends who’ve described some very terrible relationships that they’ve had with violent male counterparts.

In my own life, I’ve had relationships where the woman was an extraordinarily accurate poster-girl for what the MGTOW community describes of women. It was these relationships in particular that forced me to consider that there must be some kind of ‘blueprint’ at work in a woman’s mind as she relates to men, dating and relationships as a whole.

The YouTube channel operated by a fellow called ‘Sandman’ offers extraordinary insight into the world of MGTOW. Its definitely worth your time and effort to check out his videos and to decide for yourself if MGTOW is the right path for your life.

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