Why Nationalism is 100% better than Globalism

Why Nationalism is 100% better than Globalism

Grant J. Kidney, May 7, 2017-

I value Western culture and believe it to be supreme. But there isn’t any valid reason why other cultures cannot be studied, sampled and enjoyed.

For instance, I’m a huge fan of ancient Japanese culture and traditions. Even though I’m a White American, I have every right in the world to sample this particular culture (or the many others I find fascinating).

This is the difference between nationalism and globalism. Nationalism is about love of one’s own territory or tribe. Full stop. Hating other cultures for no valid reason is pretty fucking retarded.

Globalism is about busting down natural barriers between the many cultures of this world, thereby erasing value to be had in what were once, super impressive monocultures of spectacular customs and beliefs.

Globalism is really about erasing all the diverse cultures in the world and sterilizing the whole of humanity.

Let me further illustrate my point with a food analogy:

Nationalism = General Tso’s chicken, Burritos with salsa or Fettuccine Alfredo.

Globalism = putting General Tso’s chicken into a Mexican burrito, topping with salsa and dunking into a dish of Fettuccine Alfredo.

You get to the point where you’re like, “No thank you, I’ll pass”.

The same goes for religion.

Religion has done a terrible job upholding natural separation between cultures and tribes by touting the line that all are ‘God’s children’.
While it’s true that all are ‘connected’ in a quantum physical sort of way, it doesn’t mean tribes must be forced to live together with no semblance of territorial integrity.

American Nationalists aren’t confined to loving only ‘American food’, American music, and American media. Whoever thinks this way is a mental midget.

Sample all great cultures and enjoy the fruits of what they offer. Just don’t fight to mesh all the radiant cultures of the globe together into a single, ‘corporate’ swamp.

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