Why the Alt-Right needs religion

Why the Alt-Right needs religion

Grant J. Kidney, May 13, 2017-

Western civilization is inexorably coupled with Christianity in its full array of forms.

There is no separating ‘God’ from White, western culture. The drug-infested hippy movement of the 1960’s invariably proves what happens to a society when tradition is tossed out with the bath water.

As a member of the Alt-Right, I believe Western heritage to be supreme. What’s missing from religion though is a corresponding doctrine which basically teaches the same thing.

Christianity and the Alt-Right

At its core, mainstream Christianity promotes senseless egalitarianism and multiculturalism in society so as to blend with the predominant, cultural zeitgeist. And while there are numerous passages in the Bible which promote the notion that all are ‘God’s children’, there are equal passages which suggest that God has no qualms with organic collectivization of peoples based on blood and heritage. Just ask the ancient Israelites.

There are no mainstream Christian denominations which outright promote Alt-Right ideals. I’m sure there are many in the Alt-Right who feel that because of this reality, Christianity is hence a ‘lost cause’.

Some adherents to Alt-Right ideology believe that Western people should adopt pre-Christian era pagan faiths since it is believed that Christianity is ultimately too ‘Jewish’ a religion to cling to. The fact is however, Christianity is just as much Western as is all the beautiful art and architecture ascribed to Western traditions. Pre-Christian era pagans, it could be argued, lacked the organization necessary to build the European continent in such ways that history demonstrates having been accomplished under the guidance of the Christian church.

But what about Mormonism? 

Earlier this year, Twitter user @APurposefulWife was placed on a pedal stool and lambasted by the fake news press for representing the so called ‘face of Mormonism’s hateful Alt-Right’. And while the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not possess an official stance on the Alt-Right, it is nonetheless conceivable why fake journalists would rush to brand Mormonism a ‘hateful ideology’.

The distasteful fake media called this young woman ‘hateful’ because she promotes faith, family and tradition.

Until the 1970’s, Mormons did not permit black people among their ranks. Some have even attempted to tie the Mormon church to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. But the real reason why Mormonism is universally despised by mainstream culture is because it strongly advocates for traditional values not seen in America since the 1950’s.

Is Mormonism the right choice in religion for adherents to Alt-Right ideology? Perhaps. I have personally begun a study into the religion and am fascinated by its wholesome culture which has amazingly withstood the threshold of time.

Even if one chooses not to believe many of the stories as found in Mormon theology, still, the ‘structure’ thereof is precisely what America needs at this time of social waywardness. Finding some other church with similar values however should suffice just as well.

And, by the way, if anyone wants to be driven CLOSER to the Mormon faith, just listen to this yellow-haired pervert with a lisp offer his opinion on why Mormonism is bad…

The Left’s bitter war on traditionalism

The Left actively hates family, faith and tradition. Anti-God radicals in the media and in our major institutions have formulated a society wherein every man and woman is single, destitute and poor. In this perverse world of cultural Marxism gone amok, the mere mention of God or of ‘traditional families’ is like holding up a crucifix to a vampire.

The Left likes to call themselves the ‘resistance’ in context of political opposition to Donald Trump. The REAL resistance however is in forming break-away societies which actively cling to traditions of the past- traditions which once made Western culture so great.

If the Alt-Right is to survive as a movement, it must incorporate the values of religion/tradition in a very big way. Otherwise, in my humble opinion, the Alt-Right will perish as a philosophy and be forgotten in less than a decade from the time of this article’s birth.

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