Zuckerberg: government should give pedophiles ‘free money’

Zuckerberg: government should give pedophiles ‘free money’

Grant J. Kidney, May 26, 2017-

During his commencement speech at Harvard University, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg uttered support for the idea that everyone should get free money from the government despite whether or no they contribute to society.

This idea pushed by Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley big wigs is called a ‘universal basic income’. The concept is that as automation takes over the workforce, millions of people will suddenly find themselves unemployable. Therefore, according to some economists, people should just be given free money to live off of so as to prevent social catastrophe such as the world has never seen.

A universal basic income is a true scam in that once folks begin accepting ‘free money’, they will hence become true dependents on the State. In this dystopian scenario, everything one says and does will first be passed through a filter which asks whether or not government would approve. After all, one wouldn’t want his income to be ‘cut off’ indefinitely for holding unpopular views, right?

Also bear in mind that Zuckerberg’s call for a universal basic income would make it so that even pedophiles and arch criminals are given money from the State. In the future, if you were one of the few remaining people to actually hold a job, how would you like it if your hard earned money went straight into the pockets of those who abuse little children?

Everything Zuckerberg says and does should be held suspect. The thought of this monster running for President should worry every thinking man and woman across the nation.

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