Associated Press: Trump & staffers ‘racist’, want ‘religious war’

Associated Press: Trump & staffers ‘racist’, want ‘religious war’

Grant J. Kidney, August 23, 2016-

The Associated Press thinks Donald Trump and his campaign staffers are ‘racist’ bigots who want ‘religious war’.

In a new report issued by AP writer Jeff Horowitz, the assumption is made that because of various, badly interpreted social media posts made online by staffers, ultimately the entire Trump campaign must be seen as a ‘hateful’ movement fueled by ‘bigotry’.

In what can only be described as a laughable form of ‘investigative journalism’, the AP announced that it had surveyed dozens of social profiles belonging to Donald Trump staffers before arriving at the aforementioned conclusion regarding the apparent ‘racism’ running rampant in the GOP nominee’s campaign.

From the AP:

Most come across as dedicated, enthusiastic partisans, but at least seven expressed views that were overtly racially charged, supportive of violent actions, or broadly hostile to Muslims.

A graphic designer for Trump’s advance team approvingly posted video of a black man eating fried chicken and criticizing fellow blacks for ignorance, irresponsibility, and having too many children.

A Trump field organizer in Virginia declared that Muslims were seeking to impose Sharia law in America and that ‘those who understand Islam for what it is are gearing up for the fight.’

The video described above of a black man eating fried chicken while expressing views on Black Lives Matter went viral due to the impactful statements made within the 7 minute clip.

The very fact that the individual seen in the clip is a black male himself effectively negates any sense of ‘racism’ as accused by the Associated Press.

Another so called ‘offensive’ tweet composed by a Donald Trump staffer contained a graphic proclaiming, ‘We need Islam control, not gun control’. Apparently, according to the Associated Press, this statement is untrue; that we actually DO need gun control all the whilst allowing radical jihadi Muslims to overtake the Western world.

As would be expected, AP says it also surveyed Hillary Clinton staffers’ profiles “and found nothing as inflammatory.” Of course. Another news network shilling for the Democratic nominee.

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